We present new music players playing ... and not just anything.  Out.  Period.  Not necessarily as in "far out," but out of experience.  Real artists who are in tune ... with each other and with the muse.

ToneScience features no-nonsense music, and we sell it in a no-nonsense way. 

[Read ToneScience press release from 6 January 2004.]

Here's our debut release:

Now available:

Mick Rossi/Russ Johnson: NEW MATH

Mick Rossi/Russ Johnson:
New Math (TS 7001)
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Johnnie Valentino:
Eight Shorts
in Search of David Lynch

(TS 7002) [Click here]

with Erik Friedlander, Vinny Golia, Russ Johnson, Randy Jones, Elissa Lala, Mick Rossi, and Mike Sarin

Yes, music is out there for everyone to enjoy, but that doesn't mean it's free.  If we love the music and appreciate the creativity and care that went into it, we need to respect and care for the people who are making it.  That means paying for the music. You want a release?  Buy it and pay for it.  Our releases are worth every penny, and we need those pennies because -- even though we have this artistic side -- we have to pay our bills, too.

On the business side, creative music, which deserves some special treatment and attention, has been lumped together by the big-time music world with everything else from big, glitzy pop to tired, old "chestnuts."  There are so many blatant and insidiously "industry standard" practices that go on in the "music biz" that hurt creative and independent music every day, that we've had enough of the lackadaisical, payola-infested music world and are trying something different.  (Click on "No nonsense attitude" above to read more about what we mean.

One more thing: copying CDs is wrong.  Period.  Call it what you want: "burning" or "ripping" or "duping" -- it's still wrong, and it's not what decent people do.  It's not what people who are fans of the music do.  (We already get so little for the amount of effort and love and blood, sweat, and tears we put into our recordings that, honestly, we're actually probably charging too little for the recordings.)