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Johnnie Valentino:
Eight Shorts in Search of David Lynch
(ToneScience 7002)

Guitarist/composer/sound designer Johnnie Valentino features eight sound beds custom-designed by Johnnie that are used as springboards for improvisations by small groups that include musicians Erik Friedlander, Vinny Golia, Russ Johnson, Randy Jones, Elissa Lala, Mick Rossi, and Mike Sarin.

Johnnie created eight multi-layered sound beds that were subsequently used for spontaneous interaction with live improvising musicians.  He considers the resulting pieces "short stories or essays or short films."

Titling the collection Eight Shorts in Search of David Lynch is not to imply any correspondence to specific films, but to indicate the pieces' affinity to Lynch's outlook on sound and sound design and to highlight their bizarre twists and turns that are sonically reminiscent of the of Lynch's movies.

The weird and wonderful juxtaposition of sounds — some almost supernatural — and the spectacularly clear and present sonics make this CD captivating ... like a Lynch movie.

Personnel [See track-by-track credits below.]

Johnnie Valentino, guitar, ukulele, mandolin · Mick Rossi, piano, prepared piano, drums, percussion, tabla samples · Erik Friedlander, cello · Russ Johnson, trumpet · Vinny Golia, flutes, bass clarinet · Mike Sarin, drums · Randy Jones, tuba · Elissa Lala, voice.

All compositions by Johnnie Valentino [Secret Light Publishing/ASCAP] and Blue Shift Music [Blue Shift Music/BMI]

[If you don't like the names of the tracks, make up your own.]

 1.  Ambiguity [6:02]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
Personnel: Valentino (guitar), Friedlander, Mike Sarin
 2.  Exploration [6:14]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
Personnel: Valentino (guitar), Jones, Johnson, Sarin
 3.  Under Current [5:22]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
Personnel: Valentino (ukulele, mandolin), Golia (flutes), Lala, Rossi (percussion, tabla samples)
 4.  Components [7:45]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
Personnel: Valentino (guitar), Johnson, Rossi (piano, drums)
 5.  Vessel [5:07]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
Personnel: Valentino (guitar), Johnson, Rossi (piano, prepared piano, percussion)
 6.  Verge [5:12]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
Personnel: Valentino (guitar), Golia (bass clarinet), Friedlander, Rossi (piano)
 7.  Unveiled [5:20]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
Personnel: Valentino (guitar), Golia (flutes)
 8.  Concrete Irrationality [6:00]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
Personnel: Valentino (guitar), Johnson, Rossi (drums)
Composer's note: The music on this CD is aleatoric in nature with abstract soundscapes used as a bed and impetus for the improvisers to explore and express themselves.

Recorded & mixed in LA & NY at The House Studios Inc
Mastering Engineer: Mike Bozzi
Cover designer: Anthony Conti, Mute Design (www.mutedesign.com)
Producer: Johnnie Valentino
Co-producer: Mick Rossi
Executive Producer: Frank Tafuri