Consumer sales

If you're a fan of the music, you are willing to support it.  That includes buying CDs.  You know that's the only way the music will survive and thrive.  $15 (give or take) is a fair price for the quality CDs on ToneScience.  We encourage you to buy our CDs at retail stores who are classy enough and smart enough to sell creative music." If you can't find ToneScience CDs at a local retailer, buy them on-line at any number of places or at the OmniTone store[More details.]


If you'd like to have our CDs to sell, we'd love for you to have them.  Just one little thing: You need to pay us for what we ship you.  We can't hang with the prevailing "100% return privilege" (return any product at any time for any reason for a full credit), and we can't wait two or three months to be paid.  So, buy what you think you can sell and sell what you buy.  (Now there's a concept, eh?)  (Contact us at for more information on how to buy ToneScience CDs.  You can also contact us via our retail contact form.)


Sorry, but we don't "give away promo copies."  (That insidious practice has hurt indie CDs sales a lot.  Don't even get us started on the topic.)  We want you to hear our music and help get the word out about it to fans of the music so, if you are a bona fide reviewer and would like to audition one of our recordings for placement in a publication or website you write for, we'd be happy to send you what we call a "reviewer's copy".  Then, when you're finished reviewing it, you can either: (1) send it back to us in our postage-paid mailer or (2) add it to your personal collection for a special reviewer's price.