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Mick Rossi/Russ Johnson: NEW MATH

Mick Rossi/Russ Johnson:
New Math
(ToneScience 7001)

In a world that can leave us sensorily inundated and dependent on recreation seekers picking least common denominator entertainments, we find ourselves looking for sense and humor, comfort and respite, for people who pay attention and to whom we should pay attention.  Mick Rossi and Russ Johnson are two people worthy of our attention.

Their music is not New Agey or folky or what is popularly thought of as "comfort music," but it is organic: real, unadulterated, non-Pasteurized playing, filled with sonically nutritious things.  Out? Not really. New. Organized and organizing.  In and out of each other's orbit, affected and affecting, in one place and everywhere, illuminating the understanding of "consciousness" and "intuition" in a post-quantum physics world of entanglement where nothing (and everything) is as it might seem.


Russ Johnson, trumpet
Mick Rossi, piano, prepared piano, percussion, clay flutes

All compositions by Mick Rossi [Blue Shift Music/ASCAP] and
Russ Johnson [Urizen Music/BMI].

Recorded 18-Apr-01.


 1.  _2.70 [10:28]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
 2.  _3.30 [01:24]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
 3.  _2.90 [03:28]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
 4.  _1.91 [02:51]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
 5.  _1.10 [01:46]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
 6.  _1.22 [02:04]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
 7.  _1.50 [07:49]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
 8.  _2.20 [02:26]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
 9.  _1.13 [02:58]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
10.  _2.14 [02:38]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
11.  _4.30 [03:44]   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]

Recorded at Prism Digital, Brooklyn NY
Producers: Mick Rossi & Russ Johnson
Executive Producer: Frank Tafuri