Recent discography of Russ Johnson

As a leader or co-leader:

  • Russ Johnson Quartet: Save Big (OmniTone) [more info]
  • The Other Quartet: Sound Stains (Knitting Factory)
  • The Other Quartet: 13 Pieces (Knitting Factory)
  • Russ Johnson/Mick Rossi: New Math (ToneScience) [more info]

As a sideman:

  • Steve Swallow/Ohad Talmor 6tet:
    L'histoire du Clochard (The Bum's Tale)
  • Jenny Scheinman: The Rabbi's Lover (Tzadik Records)
  • Jenny Scheinman: Shalagaster (Tzadik)
  • Deidre Rodman: Simple Stories (Sunnyside)
  • Deidre Rodman: Sun Is Us (Sunnyside)
  • Curtis Fowlkes: Reflect (Knitting Factory)
  • Christof Knoche: Line Zero (OmniTone) [more info]
  • Kris Davis: Lifespan (Fresh Sounds New Talent)
  • New Talent Jazz Orchestra: The Sound of New York Jazz Underground
    (Fresh Sounds New Talent)
  • Roy Nathanson (featuring Elvis Costello & Debbie Harry):
    Fire at Keaton's Bar & Grill
    (Six Degrees)
  • Nicolas Masson: Awake (Altrisuoni)
  • Johnnie Valentino:
    Eight Shorts in Search of David Lynch
    (ToneScience) [more info]
  • Mick Rossi: One Block from Planet Earth (OmniTone) [more info]

[Many of the above CDs are available in the OmniTone store.  Click here to see a list of CDs with Russ Johnson in the OmniToneStore.]

Mick Rossi: One Block from Planet Earth
Mick Rossi/Russ Johnson: New Math
Johnnie Valentino: 8 Shorts in Search of David Lynch
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