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Russ Johnson: Save Big (OmniTone 12205) · All About Jazz-New York · · Coda · Down Beat · JazzTimes ·
  • "...lean, dry tone mixing with an effortless ability to move with great fluidity.... [Save Big] is contemporary in sound with its smart attitude."
    Down Beat

  • "Save Big is as auspicious a leader debut as they come."
    All About Jazz-New York

  • "Russ Johnson's Save Big combines qualities not often found together.  It is both challenging and instantly likable.  The album delivers on the implicit promise of economy in its title by a clean, intelligent, uncluttered, no-nonsense approach to freebop."

  • "...truly wonderful and important album ... this is American music ...  A beautiful, wide-ranging, thinking and feeling album, Save Big deserves some serious listening."

  • "...diverse, thoughtful examinations of mood and genre....  the quartet Johnson has assembled integrate their solos into the feel of each piece, developing and extending the character of the composition without distorting it....   It’s a band that balances spirit and restraint, and it’s good that they’ve been given something of substance to play.  Altogether, an attractive and occasionally challenging disc."
    —Art Lange, Coda

  • "...Save Big sets itself apart with its heady combination of spatial awareness, melodic flow and rhythmic acuity."

  • "Johnson's articulation is spot on ... [the] rhythm section accompaniment is phenomenal, indicative of all the qualities that make for great jazz = great listeners....  this debut album introduces Russ Johnson as an artist to keep an ear on for the future."

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