Christophe Schweizer Normal Garden: PHYSIQUEChristophe Schweizer Normal Garden:
Physique (OmniTone 15201)

World debut recording.  The "garden" of anything-but-normal (read: "exceptional") young lions constructs a kinetic, vividly hard-hitting a sound painting.  Forms and colors rhythmicize the images, breathing ideas more than stories.  The metamorphosing and rhythmically interweaving compositions of trombonist Christophe Schweizer —at the same time abstract and sensual —are nourished by the seven musical energies of Normal Garden.

From the reserve and precision of German bassist Johannes Weidenmueller to the unpredictable interventions of pianist Ethan Iverson (of Bad Plus), the Septet's sound is shaped by the flying cascades of Donny McCaslin's warm tenor saxophone, the soulful Russian evocations of trumpeter Alexander Sipiagin, the rhythmic originality of Eric Rasmussen's alto playing, and the inventiveness and spirit of legendary drummer Billy Hart. The preeminent Hart is a regular member of Normal Garden (not studio "ringer") —quite a tribute to the upward mobility of Christophe Schweizer's musicianship.

Rhythmically and timbrally provocative, full of twists and turns and surprises, Normal Garden's in full bloom here.

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For sound samples, click on MP3 (for an MP3 sample) or WMA (for Windows Media):

1.  Atlas (9:31) MP3 WMA
2.  Oscillation (9:40) MP3 WMA
3.  Rain (11:47) MP3 WMA
4.  Translucence (11:55) MP3 WMA
5.  Pentagram (9:12) MP3 WMA

All compositions by Christophe Schweizer, Lumeen Music/SESAC.

Christophe Schweizer, trombone Donny McCaslin, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophoneAlexander Sipiagin, trumpet, flügelhorn Eric Rasmussen, alto saxophone
Ethan Iverson, pianoJohannes Weidenmueller, bassBilly Hart, drums

Recorded 12 May 1999 at Tedesco Studios in Paramus, NJ.
Engineer: Jon Rosenberg

Mastering engineer: Katherine Miller at Current Sounds, New York
Producer: Christophe Schweizer
Executive Producer: Frank Tafuri

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