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  • "...debut disc surely deserving of wider attention and critical acclaim ... clean piano sound and focused playing lends both clarity and brilliance to her solos and her dynamic compositions....  The group's attention to the music never flags, and neither, as the listener, will yours...." Jazz Newsletter (July 2003)
  • "...introduces a refreshingly unfussy approach to advanced composition....  ...she carries an unforced authority; her virtuosity (not too strong a word) is less solid than fluid, a thing of movement and ease."  —Nate Chinen, Philadelphia City Paper
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  • "Mirror Me was beautifully recorded, and each player is well-placed in the mix. Sanchez's compositions and the players she has chosen provide a wonderful debut that rewards attentive listening."  —Sean Patrick Fitzell, All about Jazz-New York
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  • Recommended New Release.  —David Adler, All About Jazz-New York
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  • "...sublime and stimulating ... magical weaving of rhythmic threads by the fabulous Tom Rainey....  These pieces are consistently fascinating in the way are structured, but never difficult to listen to, never about swinging too hard ... since there is so much craft to the way each piece works, flows and surprises us on many levels." —Downtown Music Gallery newsletter (11 July 2003)
  • "...both traditional and forward thinking at the same time.  Malaby has a wonderfully dark, full-bodied tone ... with a deep almost Ben Webster like presence ... All of the musicians involved pay tribute to those who have influenced them in the best way possible —by taking original music in a new direction." —Tim Niland,
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