Michael Bisio: UndulationsReviews for Michael Bisio: Undulations (OmniTone 15001)

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  • "...a rich archive of jazz materials
    and strategies....  Part early Ornette mixed with
    a Mingus sensibility, Bisio's versatile band swings, floats and stirs things up....  He is careful to treat each song as its own musical universe..."
    —John Ephland, Down Beat (February 2001)
  • ***(*) [of 4] "...this enticing quintet record is Bisio's most effective ... seven creative themes and an inventive ensemble

    The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD
  • "...an exciting and inviting ride from start to finish...Undulations is a significant recording that deserves and demands recognition.  It should not be missed by anyone interested in the development of modern improvised music."
    —John Ewing, Earshot Jazz
  • "...they cook right from the starting gate....   OmniTone continues to astound us with each and every CD."
    Downtown Music Gallery (New York) review
  • "Bisio loves the sound of the bass, perfectly captured on this excellent recording...even when the group wails at full force the music is not cluttered or compressed, every detail still clearly etched thanks to a recording that's as musical as the group itself."
    —Francesco Martinelli, All Music Guide (September 2000)
  • "...Undulations packs a mighty punch!  Hopefully, this wonderful recording
    will not be relegated into a category befitting unknown or hidden treasures as Michael Bisio's invigorating project looms rather large within the big scheme of things."
    —Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz
  • "A fresh breath of air from the Northwest, this CD shows how musicians outside the major jazz centres are subtly extending the tradition, not matter how static certain generational spokesmen want it to remain."
    —Ken Waxman, jazzweekly.com
  • "Undulations resonates with intelligence, emotional depth and probing virtuosity. [Bisio's] solidly grounded bass lines and his remarkable sense of musical architecture impress here."
    —Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes (March 2001)
  • "This is quite a superb release - conceptually, compositionally, improvisationally, and in sound-quality."
    —Andy Hamilton, Jazz Review (February 2001)

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