What reviewers have to say about Jamie Baum: Moving Forward, Standing Still (OmniTone 15206)

  • Moving Forward, Standing Still"...composing and arranging skills shine forth ... an uncanny aggregation of looseness, and perfection." —Glenn Astarita, Down Beat
  • "A huge step forward from her already impressive 1997 debut, Jamie Baum's third album as a leader is simply outstanding....   [A] sense of musical freedom, an unwillingness to limit herself simply to staid throughcomposed pieces, post-bop jazz classicism, or free improv experimentalism, but to mix and match the elements that suit her needs on a piece-by-piece basis, is what sets Baum apart from many of her peers, and what makes Moving Forward, Standing Still an immensely satisfying, exciting listen." —Stuart Mason, AllMusic.com   [Read review on line]
  • "...ambitious writing for a state-of-the-art septet....  an intriguing balance between motion and suspension, between the smoothly driving grooves ... and the cool, ambiguous, almost suspended feel of the horn charts ... an accomplished and enjoyable disc." —Nate Dorward, Cadence
  • "...an exquisite affirmation of Baum's compositional genius, with arrangements that progress seamlessly from one arresting dynamic to another, and solos arising from an undulating fabric of sound.  It's not the kind of music you'll ever hear on the radio, but its brilliance is utterly accessible and so aesthetically rewarding that comparing it to the parade of market-wise blowing session and conceptual contrivances out there is useless." —Thomas Stauder, The Gazette (Croton, CT)
  • "...exhilirating adventurousness ... rooted in swing ... it's the combination of composition and improvising that makes this album so fulfilling.   Baum herself is a terrific jazz musician, with impressive control, dynamics, ideas, and swing....  In fact, everybody here shines....  With Moving Forward, Standing Still, Jamie Baum has made a serious and possibly significant contribution to jazz."
    —Marc Meyers, AllAboutJazz.com    [Read review on line]
  • "'Moving Forward, Standing Still,' combines the elements of classical music with the fluid formats of jazz improvisation.  It works amazingly well."
    —Steve Wildsmith, The Daily Times (Nashville, TN)    [Read story on-line]
  • "A spirit of discovery will tap in to the strings of your soul within moments of the title track startup, & like a good reading book, you won't be able to 'put it down' until th' last note.  Jazz listeners around the globe will agree with my rating of MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED... be sure to file this one as a 'keeper'!"
    —Rotcod Zzaj, Rotcod.com
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