What the reviewers say about Marty Ehrlich's Traveler's Tales: Malinke's Dance (OmniTone 12003)

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  • Best New Jazz CDs of the Year
    "10....  this may be the most completely pleasurable album Ehrlich has made ....  The  quartet is taut as a wire..."  —Gary Giddins, Village Voice (9 January 2001)
  • "...full of wistful emotion and winding counterpoint..." —Ben Ratliff, The New York Times (22 September 2000)
  • "...easily the multireedist's best disc in years.  Its two-sax lineup ... may recall Ornette Coleman's group with Dewey Redman, but Ehrlich's tunes push the concept to the next level."  —K Leander Williams, Time Out New York (14-28 December 2000)
  • "Any misguided soul who figures that so-called "out" jazz doesn't swing should listen to this disc." —Ken Waxman, JazzWeekly.com
  • "[Ehrlich's] a resourceful improviser with a searing sound ... Ehrlich and [Tony] Malaby are like the two tubes you use to make epoxy glue."  —Kevin Whitehead, review on NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross (9 August 2000)   
  • Editor's Choice
    "Malinke's Dance finds the quartet in top form, unreeling agile rhythmic and tuneful excursions that will amaze postbop fans." —Andrew Bartlett, Amazon.com   
  • "..evokes a spirit of celebration, like a backyard gathering with close friends....  Together, Ehrlich and his fellow travelers joyously dance back and forth across the border between discipline and abandon.  It's impossible not to join in."  —Steve Smith, Jazziz (October 2000)
  • This is a quite superb release — conceptually, compositionally, improvisationally and in sound quality." —Andy Hamilton, Jazz Review Magazine (February 2001)
  • "Malinke's Dance revels in Ehrlich's off-kilter melodies that show equally Romantic and avant-garde strains...  Ehrlich's is distinct here as anywhere, and the results are wonderful." —Andrew Bartlett, Amazon.com
  • "...the first CD from Ehrlich's Traveler's Tales quartet in nearly seven years ... [and] worth the wait....  one climax after another ...  Let's hope we won't have to wait another seven years for the next collection of tales." —Larry Appelbaum, JazzTimes (October 2000)
  • Top 10 of 2000, WUSB-FM (Long Island, NY)
  • "...they explore a broad-ranging sonic canvas in compelling fashion.  Strongly recommended." —Kenny Mathieson, Jazzwise (February 2001)
  • "...an enjoyable feast of old conventions brought absolutely up to the minute."  —Ronald Atkins, Jazz Review Magazine (November 2000)
  • "A brilliant, highly respected figure among improvising musicians..."  —Kevin Le Gendre, Echoes (October 2000)
  • "A music that is undeniably jazz, and great jazz, but that pushes the limits, is the brilliant Malinke's Dance....This balance, a high-wire achievement that few musicians can handle, makes this recording accessible, fun, and one of the best of the millennium, and of the century of jazz that preceded it!  [Emphasis added]" —Jules Epstein, Philadelphia Tribune (7 July 2000)
  • "Malinke's Dance is a splendid reentry into the modern jazz scene from a band who continually garner the utmost respect from the often discerning listner." —Glenn Astarita, AllAboutJazz.com
  • "...[A] strikingly sympathetic interaction." —Steve Graybow, Billboard (8 July 2000)
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