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Joe Locke/Frank Kimbrough: Verrazano Moon (OmniTone 12209)

The third recording on OmniTone featuring the exceptional musical piano-vibes chemistry of Frank Kimbrough and Joe Locke, Verrazano Moon captures the duo live, in-concert in February 2006 at the Windham Chamber Music Festival in Windham, New York — the only "jazz" concert of otherwise all-classical series. 

Full of wonderful original compositions by Joe Locke and Frank Kimbrough, the scintillating live recording includes two breathtaking solo tracks by Frank Kimbrough on Duke Ellington's "Single Petal of a Rose" and Joe Locke on Billy Joel's "She's Always a Woman."

From Joe Locke's heartfelt tribute to saxophonist Bob Berg in the title track to abounding musical hijinks abound on Thelonious Monk’s already witty "Trinkle Tinkle," Verrazano Moon captures the entire night's show of the beautiful, mellow, and enchanting music that the Kimbrough-Locke duo is known for — music that will appeal to both jazz lovers and people who don't really care for "jazz."

As Joe Locke put it, "Some nights there is magic.  Some nights you record.  It is a rare event when the magic happens on a night you are recording.  This was one of those nights."

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Joe Locke, vibraphone
Frank Kimbrough, piano

1.  Miramar (Joe Locke) (8:31) MP3 WMA
2.  Twenty Bars (Frank Kimbrough) (8:08) MP3 WMA
3.  Verrazano Moon (Locke) (8:23) MP3 WMA
4.  Vigilence (Kimbrough) (6:36) MP3 WMA
5.  She's Always a Woman (Billy Joel) (5:42) MP3 WMA
6.  Forgiveness (Locke) (5:38) MP3 WMA
7.  Katonah (Kimbrough) (7:23) MP3 WMA
8.  Single Petal of a Rose (Duke Ellington) (6:04) MP3 WMA
9.  Trinkle Tinkle (Thelonious Monk) (5:10) MP3 WMA

Recorded live on 18 February 2006 at the Windham Performing Arts Center, Windham, New York.

Recording Engineer: Wayne Hileman, Candlewood Digital
Edited and mastered by Katherine Miller
Album Designer: Frau Kranift
Liner notes and photos by Frank Tafuri
Production assistance by Ann Terry
Producers: Joe Locke, Frank Kimbrough, and Frank Tafuri
Executive Producer: Frank Tafuri
Joe Locke plays a vanderPlas LW series 3.5-octave vibraphone on this recording and uses Joe Locke Autograph mallets (PJL 1 & 2) by Pro-Mark.
Frank Kimbrough appears courtesy of Palmetto Records.

This recording is of a concert presented at the exceptional Windham Chamber Music Festival.  More information about the WCMF is available at

This CD release was made possible through the generous sponsorship of TLCC, Inc at

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