Dan Willis: VELVET GENTLEMEN (OmniTone 15216)Dan Willis: Velvet Gentlemen (OmniTone 15216)

Cross-inspired by the music of Erik Satie and the precision-randomness paradox of quantum physics and infused with creative improvised music, jazz, and psychedelic '70s and '80s rock, Velvet Gentlemen is an earful experience. 

Dan Willis, one of New York City's most active and versatile woodwind specialists, is known for regular performances across a wide spectrum of music from jazz to Broadway to classical to improvised new music, including as a prominently-heard member of the John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble and the all-star "Downtown" virtuoso chamber ensemble, Area 31. 

Versatile and limber septet includes the prolific drummer/composer John Hollenbeck, leader of the Grammy-nominated John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble and Claudia Quintet, who is developing a wide following among jazz, rock-improv, and new classical circles.

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Dan Willis, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, oboe, English horn, duduk, sinai, suona, zura, piccolo, bass clarinet, samba whistle
Chuck MacKinnon
, trumpet, flügelhorn, EFX Pete McCann, electric guitar
Kermit Driscoll
, electric bass
Stephan Crump
, bass,* electric bass**
Ron Oswanski
, Fender Rhodes piano, accordion
John Hollenbeck
, drums, percussion

For sound samples, click on MP3 (for an MP3 sample) or WMA (for Windows Media):

1.  Many Worlds Theory (9:13) MP3 WMA
2.  Nothing Is Real (1:13) MP3 WMA
3.  Place of Enlightenment¹ (7:35) MP3 WMA
4.  Door to Yesterday (8:09) MP3 WMA
5.  Velvet Gentlemen¹ (10:18) MP3 WMA
6.  Closed Loops in Time² (6:57) MP3 WMA
7.  I'm Not the Reverend¹ (4:03) MP3 WMA
8.  Uncertainty Relation² (1:27) MP3 WMA
9.  3:10 Local (6:18) MP3 WMA
10.  Gentle Soul (7:43) MP3 WMA
11.  Grandparent Paradox (1:03) MP3 WMA

Recorded and mixed on 17 July and 22 October 2003 at Reeling Studios, New Milford, NJ

Engineers: Jim Kerswell, Todd Whitelock
Mastering Engineer: Todd Whitelock

Layout design by Michael McKenna and Frau Kranift
Photographs by Sharon Gunderson
Cover art by John Hughson

Producers: Jim Kerswell, Dan Willis
Executive Producers: Brian McKenna, Frank Tafuri

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