Michael Bisio: Undulations Michael Bisio: Undulations (OmniTone 15001)

In the inspired lineage of David Izenzon and Henry Grimes, the vibrantly passionate, soulful Seattle-based bassist/composer is unreservedly caught up in the flow of music.  Undulations ebbs and flows with suspense and humor.  Bridging the gap between improvisation and composition, the effervescent quintet creates some of the most adventurous and listenable music around.

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  1. "Doesn't Really" (10:25) (Bisio, AMB Music/ASCAP)
  2. " Golden Blue" (9:50) (Nolet, Free Peltier Music/SESAC)
  3. "Give Up the Chair" (13:01) (Blakeslee, AMB Music/ASCAP)
  4. "Injury or Malpractice?" (6:17) (Nell, Plechmo Music/BMI)
  5. "Grimes, Henry Grimes" (9:01) (Bisio, AMB Music/ASCAP)
  6. "Undulation Song" (11:27) (Bisio, AMB Music/ASCAP)
  7. "Legends" (5:54) (Pias, AMB Music/ASCAP)

Michael Bisio, bass · Bob Nell, piano ·
Rob Blakeslee, trumpet, cornet, flügelhorn · Jim Nolet, viola ·
Ed Pias, drums

Recorded 24 June 1996 at Jack Straw Productions, Seattle WA
Recording engineer: Doug Haire

Executive Producer: Frank Tafuri

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