Cover for John McNeil: THIS WAY OUT (OmniTone 15204)John McNeil: This Way Out
(OmniTone 15204)

If you think you know John McNeil from his other albums, as we say in Brooklyn, fuggeddaboutit!

This is really new!   Another "OmniTone breakthrough" album where a top-notch artist kicks it up a notch to "adventurous and listenable!"

Recorded in Barcelona with the Spanish new music's up-and-comers, tenorman/composer Gorka Benitez (sort of Spain's Tony Malaby) and bassist Giulia Valle, This Way Out features eight McNeil originals including five written specially for the date, inspired by and infused with Flamenco, "West African reggae," hypnotic odd meters (19/8!), and trumpet synthesizer effects done entirely acoustically.

Filled with passion, adventure, great blowing, and McNeil's trademarked off-beat dry humor, there there's even one tune best described as "Chet and Gerry on acid" and another, replete with berimbau, called "Dewey Defeats Truman."

Listen to the first tune, and you'll be hooked!

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Trk Title RA
1.  "Mi Tio" (4:14) Hi Low WMA MP3
2.  "A la Orilla" (6:45) Hi Low WMA MP3
3.  "Picasso View" (Gorka Benitez) (2:54) Hi Low WMA MP3
4.  "My Taxi" (5:13) Hi Low WMA MP3
5.  "Last Minute" (6:40) Hi Low WMA MP3
6.  "What Comes After" (4:48) Hi Low WMA MP3
7.  "Because of You" (Benitez) (5:11) Hi Low WMA MP3
8.  "Know Your Limits" (6:28) Hi Low WMA MP3
9.  "Skeeter" (Art Lande) (3:49) Hi Low WMA MP3
10.  "West Coast Memories" (1:32) Hi Low WMA MP3
11.  "Dewey Defeats Truman" (2:50) Hi Low WMA MP3
12.  "Flor de Viento" (Benitez) (3:50) Hi Low WMA MP3

All compositions by John McNeil, CD Hotel (BMI), except where noted.

JohnMcNeil, trumpet · Gorka Benitez, tenor saxophone
Giulia Valle
, bass · Joe Smith, drums, percussion

Recorded 9-10 June 2002 at Estudios Moraleda in Barcelona, Spain.
Recording engineer: Jordi Vidal
Editing/Mixing Engineer: Jim Clouse at Park West Studios, Brooklyn
Mastering engineer: Katherine Miller
Album Designer: Frau Kranift
Cover photo by Paul Burdick
Liner notes and artist photos by Frank Tafuri
Producers: John McNeil and Joe Smith
Executive Producer: Frank Tafuri

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