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John McNeil: This Way Out (OmniTone 15204) · · Berman Music Foundation newsletter · Down Beat · Downtown Music Gallery (NY) · · JazzTimes · La Scena Musicale (Québec)
  • "...palpable wit, gentility of expression, glancing tone ... the four hew to crafty interplay, rhythmic nudge and tidy solo."
    Down Beat  [Readm review]
  • " extraordinary disc ... McNeil's writing is enormously sophisticated and a bit warped ... full of conceptual surprises"
    JazzTimes  [Read review]
  • "...clean, fluid lines flow confidently throughout the CD, providing a sense of wit and emotion....  McNeil runs the gamut from spacious and introspective to tightly wound, feel-good romps, showing why he has been so active and respected for so many years."  [Read review]
  • "...a candidate for album of the year ... a recording of genius, international fare, and exemplary jazz ... This Way Out is indeed a way to 'out[side]' jazz, the way out of the jazz/music doldrums, and indeed 'way out' music....  This is as unique and continually satisfying as any recording in recent years."  [Read review]
  • "...solidly first-rate ... a variety of rhythms and melodies rather than exploring just a few in depth."   [Read review]
  • "...McNeil is nothing if he is not a stylist: his smears, slurs, attacks and turns of phrase are unmistakably his ... freewheeling forays into odd metres, bolero and tango rhythms, and other inventiveness that 'swing' without swing, per se."
    La Scena Musicale (Québec, CA)
  • "...jazz originals like McNeil follow their own muse....  a vibrant, adventurous and totally captivating glimpse into McNeil's creative mind.  Infectious Spanish rhythms leap out of nearly every track ... A masterpiece.  Benitez, in his explorative, keening sound, is a perfect foil for McNeil's odd meters, understated melodies and skillful use of silence, while Valle and Smith hold it all together with impeccable taste and timing."
    Berman Music Foundation newsletter [Read review]
  • "...ebullient solos from the trumpet and tenor ... McNeil often sounds like he is playing flugelhorn, his tone is a pure and constantly enchanting.   Gorka also a rich, warm tone, not too distant from Atlantic period Trane or Dexter Gordon.  Solid writing and strong playing from all." 
    Downtown Music Gallery (NY) newsletter   [Read review]

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