Frank Kimbrough/Joe Locke: The WillowFrank Kimbrough/Joe Locke:
The Willow
(OmniTone 12201)

More mellow-yet-profound piano/vibes jazz —even for people who don't really care for "jazz."The triumphal follow-up to Frank and Joe's debut Saturn's Child, hailed internationally as "crystalline," "sublime," and 'a worthy successor to Chick Corea and Gary Burton's ECM classic, Crystal Silence.'

The duo expands to a quartet on some tracks with guests saxophonist Tim Ries (a member of the Maria Schneider Orchestra) and percussionist Jeff Ballard (Chick Corea's drummer) on tastefully-chosen hand percussion.  From the sumptuous title track (by Maria Schneider) through originals ranging from shimmering and glimmering to gently world beat to cordially funky, this is deliciously rich and beautiful music that both sophisticated listener and good music lover will enjoy time and again.

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  1. "The Moon for Her" (Tim Garland, Lammas Music/PRS) (5:43)    [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
  2. "Just Suppose" (Frank Kimbrough) (5:28)    [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
  3. "The Willow" (Maria Schneider, MSF Music/ASCAP) (6:05)    [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
  4. "Pick-up Sticks" (Kimbrough) (6:58)    [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
  5. "Now I Lay Me Down" (Joe Locke) (5:09)    [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
  6. "Forsythia" (Kimbrough) (5:41)    [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
  7. "Broken Toy" (Locke) (7:03)    [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
  8. "Highland" (Locke) (8:05)    [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
  9. "Truth Be Told" (Locke) (7:06)    [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
  10. "For Duke" (Kimbrough) (6:07)    [Listen: MP3 | WMA]

Frank Kimbrough's compositions published by Kimbrough Music/BMI.
Joe Locke's compositions published by Wire Walker Music/BMI.

Frank Kimbrough, piano · Joe Locke, vibraphone, marimba

With special guests
Tim Ries, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, alto flute, bass clarinet
Jeff Ballard, wood blocks, slit drum, driftwood, box, driftwood, box, Indian bells, elephant bell, camel bell, cocoon pods, cymbals (Kay, Zildjian, Istanbul), Pakistani frame drum, Moroccan bongos, dumbek, cajon

Recorded (24-bit) 3-4 December 2000 at Systems II Studios, Brooklyn NY.
Engineer: Joe Marciano
Mastering engineer: Katherine Miller at Current Sounds, New York

Produced by Joe Locke, Frank Tafuri, and Frank Kimbrough
Executive Producer: Frank Tafuri

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