Tom Varner: SWIMMINGTom Varner: Swimming
(OmniTone 11903)

1999 All Music Guide Pick: "Best of Artist"

1999 AFIM Indie Award nominee

Politics, religion, intrigue, mystery, love, and even sexy Bible stories —another passionate mix from French horn virtuoso/composer Tom Varner.  Features Chick Corea's angular altoist Steve Wilson, bassist Cameron Brown (Joe Lovano's current bassist and veteran of the Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet), and violinist Mark Feldman in a mini "chamber" spotlight.   As Mojo magazine says, Tom Varner is one of "the most enlightened performers in New York jazz."

[Also check out Tom's newest OmniTone release, Second Communion, his tribute to Don Cherry.]

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  1. "Swimming" (10:22)          [Tom's comments]
  2. "Pantoum" (6:09)          [Tom's comments]
  3. "Maybe Yes" (12:06)          [Tom's comments]
  4. "Samuel Gets the Call" (14:10)          [Tom's comments]

Seven Miniatures for Mark Feldman

  1. "A Waltz" (4:48)          [Tom's comments]
  2. "Mark at the Circus" (1:05)
  3. "A Dream" (1:00)
  4. "Mark Goes to Work" (1:11)
  5. "A Memory of One Nashville Gig" (2:18)
  6. "Mark Goes Minimalist " (1:02)
  7. "Another Circus" (1:08)
  8. "OmniTone Blues" (4:35)
  9. "Paul Goes to Rome" (3:52)          [Tom's comments]
  10. "Strident " (8:36)          [Tom's comments]
  11. "Chicago Interlude" (3:03)          [ Tom's comments ]
All compositions by Tom Varner, Tom Varner Music (BMI)

Tom Varner, French horn · Steve Wilson, alto saxophone · Tony Malaby, tenor saxophone · Cameron Brown, bass · Tom Rainey, drums
with special guests:
Mark Feldman, violin · Dave Ballou, trumpet · Pete McCann, guitar

Recorded 7-9 June 1999 at Tedesco Studios, Paramus, New Jersey.
Recording Engineer: Jon Rosenberg

Mastered by Bob Ward at Current Sounds, New York.
Produced by Frank Tafuri and Tom Varner
Executive Producer: Frank Tafuri


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