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String Trio of New York: GUT REACTION

String Trio of New York:
Gut Reaction

Their first internationally-available live recording, recorded live at New York’s Jazz Standard, premieres three new suites of music, including one by trumpeter and composer Dave Douglas, and it's the S3NY recording debut of violinist Rob Thomas.

Frank Kimbrough Trio: QUICKENING

Frank Kimbrough Trio:

One of the most engrossing jazz piano trio albums to come along in the last ten years!   Eight intriguingly unfolding original compositions captured live concert, crackling with anticipation, with the stellar interaction of Ben Allison and Jeff Ballard.

Frank Kimbrough/Joe Locke: THE WILLOW

Frank Kimbrough/Joe Locke:
The Willow

More mellow-yet-profound piano/vibes jazz —even for people who don't really care for "jazz."  The duo expands to a quartet on some tracks with guests saxophonist Tim Ries and percussionist Jeff Ballard on tastefully-chosen hand percussion.

Christof Knoche: LINE ZERO

Christof Knoche:
Line Zero

World debut recording.  Saxophonist, bass clarinetist, and composer Knoche fronts a pianoless foursome that stays slippery and razor sharp.  New grooves, rural blues and pop, and World Music fuse in this colorful set of originals.  Features trumpeter Russ Johnson.

Tom Varner: Second Communion

Tom Varner:
Second Communion

Tom Varner's intimate and musically direct tribute to iconic trumpeter and composer Don Cherry, exploring Cherry's concept of musical beauty through dauntless and whimsical Varner originals and Cherry masterworks, including the groundbreaking Complete Communion.

Change of Time cover 

Change of Time:
Change of Time

Inspired by Béla Bartók's progressive piano pieces Mikrokosmos, Change of Time creates miniature tone poems like little episodic travelogues.  Cloud of notes, filled with Brownian motion, congeal into drops of primordial soup brimming with life.


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