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Roscoe Mitchell and the Note Factory: SONG FOR MY SISTER Roscoe Mitchell and the Note Factory:
Song for My Sister

(Pi 03)

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A Spencer Barefield, guitars · Gerald Cleaver, drums, marimba, percussion · Vincent Davis, drums, percussion · Leon Dorsey, bass · Vijay Iyer, piano · Roscoe Mitchell, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute, bass recorder, great bass recorder, percussion · Jaribu Shahid, bass · Craig Taborn, piano · Corey Wilkes, trumpet

Song for My Sister · Sagitta · This · When the Whistle Blows · The Megaplexian · Step One, Two, Three · The Inside of a Star · Wind Change · Count Off

The Note Factory, continually renewed since its early Black Saint recordings, still "swings" and cuts in its own fresh and historically enriching way. Mitchell's been writing a lot of "classical" music recently, and one track with low winds is moving.

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