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Gamelan Madu Sari: NEW NECTAR Gamelan Madu Sari:
New Nectar

(Songlines 2404)

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Kenneth Newby, sulung, gender barung · Michael O'Neill, saron, suling, siter spoon bouncing, gender, aulos, woodblock, gambang · Ben Rogalsky, saron, suling, siter spoon bouncing, gong, kempul, kenong, kethuk, kendang, bonang · Chris Miller, kendhang, gambang, rebab Sunda, voice, gender, slenthem, rebab, gender panerus · Mark Parlett, slenthem, gong, voice, rebab, kempul, kendheng, siter, suling, effects · Gary McFarlane, gender panerus, saron · Tony Reif, saron peking, saron, slenthem, bonang, kenong · Max Krause, kenong, woodblock, gender barung · D B Boyko, voice, slenthem · Robert Anthony, narration · Ngoc Bich, dan bau · Khac Chi, dan bau · Matthew Welch, aulos · Ann Hepper, saron, siter barung, siter · Intan Murtadza, saron, kempul, percussion · Anis Wijiastudi, voice · Jonathan Bernard, gembang · Sutrisno Hartana, rebab · Paul Plimley, kethuk

Dreams He Is a Ball of Fire...or a Hummingbird (I, II, III) · Thinly, roundly · Lessons of the Garden (Gate, Path, Waterway) · Intimate Distance · Whining horses eat more HEY doncha no · Born Again Needle Dancers

Founded in 1986, Gamelan Madu Sari (&quot;The Essence of Honey&quot;) has performed traditional and new music for gamelan as well traditional Javanese dance, dance drama, shadow play, and contemporary multimedia works. Hip, soothing, percussive sounds!

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