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The American Saxophone Quartet: SPANNING THE RIVER The American Saxophone Quartet:
Spanning the River

(Sons of Sound 0002)

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American Saxophone Quartet, ensemble · David Carroll, tenor saxophone · David Demsey, alto saxophone · Lino Gomez, baritone saxophone · Albert Regni, soprano saxophone

Sonatas for Saxophone Quartet (Presto) (Andante e cantabile) (Allegro) · Quartet for Saxophones (Allegro) (Slow - quasi cadenza) (Perpetuo moto interotto) · Histoire du Tango (Bordel 1900) (Caf, 1930) (Night Club 1960) (Concert D'aujord 'Hui) · Quartet Number 1 in Three Movements (Allegretto) (Slowly) (Allegro)

SPANNING THE RIVER means using the remarkably versatile saxophone to cross the waters of time, place, and musical genre, building bridges between Baroque and contemporary works, American and international composers, and both classical and jazz.

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