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Johnnie Valentino: SEARCHING SOULS Johnnie Valentino:
Searching Souls

(Nine Winds 0233)

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Jimmy DiJulio, drums · Billy Drewes, clarinet · Kermit Driscoll, bass · Vinny Golia, clarinet · Andy Laster, clarinet · Mick Rossi, piano, drums · Leo Smith, trumpet · Johnnie Valentino, guitar · Trevor Ware, bass

Searching Souls · Up and Down · Searching Souls · Black Cat · Vapor Burn · This or That · Dark Matter · Ugly Beauty · The Harvest · Nono · Littleton · My Old Kentucky Home · Spiritual Blessing

West Coast and East Coast unite in an impressive piece of work. The musicianship is first rate. The compositions and improvisations captivating. Check out the great originals, a hip take on Monk, and Stephen Foster like you never heard him!

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