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Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra: EVANESCENCE Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra:

(Enja 8048)

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Jay Anderson, bass · Larry Farrell, trombone · John Fedchock, trombone · George Flynn, bass trombone, tuba · Laurie Frink, trumpet, flügelhorn · Greg Gisbert, trumpet, flügelhorn · Tim Hagans, trumpet, flügelhorn · Bill Hayes, flexatone · Tony Kadleck, trumpet, flügelhorn · Dennis Mackrel, drums · Rick Margitza, tenor saxophone · Ben Monder, guitar · Keith O'Quinn, trombone · Rich Perry, tenor saxophone, flute · Tim Ries, alto saxophnone, soprano saxophone, flute, clarinet · Emidin Rivera, percussion · Scott Robinson, baritone saxophone, bass saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet · Maria Schneider, composer, conductor · Maria Schneider Orchestra, ensemble · Mark Vinci, alto saxophnone, flute, alto flute, clarinet, piccolo · Kenny Werner, piano

Wyrgly · Evanescence (Dedicated to Gil Evans) · Gumba Blue · Some Circles · Green Piece · Gush · My Lament · Dance You Monster to My Soft Song · Last Season (Dedicated to Mary Elston)

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