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Swiss Jazz Orchestra/Jim McNeely: PAUL KLEE Swiss Jazz Orchestra/Jim McNeely:
Paul Klee

(Mons 399)

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Stephan Geiser, trumpet, flügelhorn, co-leader · Johannes Walter, trumpet, flügelhorn · Daniel Woodtli, trumpet, flügelhorn · Thomas Knuchel, trumpet, flügelhorn · George Robert, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinet, musical director · Adrian Pflugshaupt, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute · Till Grnewald, tenor saxophone, clarinet · Klaus Widmer, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute · Neta Noren, bariton saxophone, flute, bass clarinet · Vincent Lachat, trombone · René Mosele, trombone · Bernhard Bamert, trombone · Reto Zumstein, bass trombone · Philip Henzi, piano · Lorenz Beyeler, bass · Tobias Friedli, drums · Ben Zahler, flute · Jim McNeely, composer, conductor

Rosenwind (Rose Wind) · Übermut (Cockiness) · Büste eines Kindes (Bust of a Child) · Ad Parnassum (Ad Parnassus) · Individualisierte Höhenmessung der Lagen (Individualized Measurement of Layers) · Der Seiltänzer (The Tightrope Walker) · Tod und Feuer (Death and Fire) · Paukenspieler (Kettle Drummer)

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