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Wayne Horvitz and Zony Mash: BRAND SPANKIN' NEW Wayne Horvitz and Zony Mash:
Brand Spankin' New

(Knitting Factory 223)

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Fred Chalenor, bass · Wayne Horvitz, Hammond B-3 organ, Nord lead, Moog source, DX-7, Wurlitzer electric piano, electric organ, electric piano · Andy Roth, drums · Timothy Young, guitar · Zony Mash, ensemble

Slide By · Brand Spankin' New · Chimacum after Hours · Meet the Zony Mash · Electric Sandworm · Bad Traffic · Cadillac Ranch · Stompin' at the Cranium

Though all three of their albums are groovalicious, this is the staff's fave. What can we say? We're B-3 freaks at OmniTone and with this s creativity, ZM's taking the sound to a new level. Funk, electric jazz, adventurous groovosity. Spank away.

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