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Derek Bailey/Pat Metheny/Gregg Bendian/Paul Wertico: THE SIGN OF FOUR Derek Bailey/Pat Metheny/Gregg Bendian/Paul Wertico:
The Sign of Four

(3 discs) (Knitting Factory 197)

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Derek Bailey, guitar · Gregg Bendian, percussion · Pat Metheny, guitar · Paul Wertico, percussion

A Study in Scarlet · Evidently · Untidy Habits · The Rule of Three · Strange Story · The Aurora · Tracks · A Break in the Chain · One Object · Euclid · Fortune · Poisoned Arrows · Trichinopoly · Ransom · Antecedents · In Quest of a Solution

More than 3 hours of intense improvisation between two popular and successful contemporary jazzmen, guitarist Metheny and drummer Wertico, and two of the foremost artists in free improvisation and avant garde, guitarist Bailey and percussionist Bendian.

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