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Anti-Gravity: BOOGIE FOR HANUMAN Anti-Gravity:
Boogie for Hanuman

(Accurate 5018)

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Ramakant Paranjpe, violin · Ajit Soman, bansuri · Atul Keskar, sitar, diruba · Vijaya Sundaram, guitar · Caroline Dillon, cello · Warren Senders, bass · Rajiv Devasthali, tabla · Dikhil Sohoni, cymbals

Boogie for Hanuman · The Mobius Man · This Melody No Verb · Dark House: Midday · Weaving Time · G-Mu-Nu · Ishmael

An American bassist-composer, 6 North Indian musicians, 7 originals, and a recording studio in India: Antigravity. It sounds Indian, but the forms, harmonies and rhythms could only be created through a deep feeling for Charles Mingus and Ornette Coleman.

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