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Either/Orchestra: MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN DEATH Either/Orchestra:
More Beautiful than Death

(Accurate 3282)

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Tom Halter, trumpet, flügelhorn · Colin Fisher, trumpet, flügelhorn · Joel Yennior, trombone · Jaleel Shaw, alto saxophone · Russ Gershon, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone · Charlie Kohlhase, baritone saxophone · Dan Kaufman, Steinway piano, Rhodes piano, Wurlitzer piano, Hammond B-3 organ · Rick McLaughlin, bass · Harvey Wirht, drums · Vincente Lebron, congas, bongos, percussion · Miguel Zenón, alto saxophone · Atemu Aton, bass

Amiak Abet Abet · Number Three · More Beautiful than Death · Musicawi Silt · Breaktime for Dougo · All Those Sobs · Slow Mambo for J J · Feker Aydelmwey · The Eighth Wonder

A revamped E/O rides the Wirht's powerful Surinamese drums and Lebron's exciting Dominicano congas on a trip from American jazz/blues/funk to Latin jazz to Township jazz/calypso to Ethiopian pop. Intoxicating, forceful, seductive, and very accessible!

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