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Orange Then Blue: WHILE YOU WERE OUT Orange Then Blue:
While You Were Out

(2 discs) (GM Recordings 3028)

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Dave Ballou, trumpet · Bob Bowlby, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, flute, piccolo, bass clarinet · Peter Cirelli, bass trombone, euphonium · Matt Darriau, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, penny whistle, Irish flute, kaval · Paul Del Niro, bass · Dave Douglas, trumpet · Darcy Hepner, flute · Frank Lockwood, cowbell, egg shells · Orange Then Blue, ensemble · Tim Ray, piano, synthesizer · Greg Runions, percussion · Seido Salifoski, dumbek · George Schuller, drums, percussion · Chris Speed, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, clarinet · Rick Stepton, trombone · Mark Taylor, French horn · Cuong Vu, trumpet

Scatter · Kamikaze · Gankino Horo · While You Were Out... · Slow Boat to Mechanicsville · La Partida · Evanscent (for Gil Evans) · Flypaper · Truth Is Marching In · Three Reels and an Air (for Josie McDermott) · Sequenz · While You Were Out... (encore)

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