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Gunther Schuller/Orange Then Blue: JUMPIN' IN THE FUTURE Gunther Schuller/Orange Then Blue:
Jumpin' in the Future

(GM Recordings 3010)

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Robert Carriker, tuba · Ken Cervenka, trumpet · Allan Chase, alto saxophone · Peter Cirelli, bass trombone, euphonium · Dave Clark, bass · Matt Darriau, alto saxophone, flute · Dave Finucane, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet · George Garzone, tenor saxophone · Richard Given, trumpet · Andy Gravish, trumpet · Katherine Halvorson, oboe · Curtis Hasselbring, trombone · Greg Hopkins, trumpet · Howard Johnson, tuba, bass clarinet · Adam Kolker, tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet · Bevan Manson, keyboards · Roy Okutani, trumpet · Orange Then Blue, ensemble · George Schuller, drums, percussion · Gunther Schuller, conductor · Ben Sher, guitar · Krista Smith, French horn · Rick Stepton, trombone · Andrew Strasmich, flute · Mark Taylor, French horn · Kenny Wenzel, trombone · Bob Zung, baritone saxophone

When the Saints Go Marching In · Blue Moon · Night Music · Anthropology · Jumpin' in the Future · Yesterdays · Summertime · Teardrop

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