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Ahmed Abdullah's Dispersions of the Spirit of Ra: TRAVELING THE SPACEWAYS Ahmed Abdullah's Dispersions of the Spirit of Ra:
Traveling the Spaceways

(Planet Arts 1003)

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Ahmed Abdullah, trumpet, voice · Billy Bang, violin · Craig Harris, trombone · Salim Washington, tenor saxophone · Alex Harding, baritone saxophone · Owuor Arunga, trumpet · Masujaa, guitar · Radu Oluwu Ben Judah, bass · Cody Moffett, drums · Monique Ngozi Nri, voice, poetry · Miles Griffith, voice · Louis Reyes Rivera, poetry

We Travel the Spaceways · 21st Century Suite (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) · Dancing Shadows · Love in Outer Space · Enlightenment · East of Uz · New Horizons · They Plan

Intergalaticism at its juicy best! Travel the spaceways anew with fresh takes on Saturn's most famous jazz inhabitant, Sun Ra, with alums of the various Ra configurations and a few new voices. Music, poetry, and (well) you know...

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