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Muneer B Fennell and the Rhythm String Band: AN ENCOUNTER WITH HIGHER FORCES Muneer B Fennell and the Rhythm String Band:
An Encounter with Higher Forces

(Double Moon 71019)

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Dwight Adams, trumpet, flügelhorn · John Betsch, drums · John Blake, violin · Jean-Paul Bourelly, electric guitar · Muneer Fennell, cello, cello percussion, voice, ballaphon · Toru Tenda, alto flute, bass flute, japanese flute, piccolo flute

Anti Ego Groove (To the Hundred Thousand) · Big Inside · Bourelly's Brush Stroke (Wisp of a Spring Breeze) · Papalangi · Japanese Flute and Raindrops · It Don't Mean a Thing · Runnign After This and That · Bourelly Broad Stroke · And Peace is a Lonely Quest Together · Gently Rocking the Boat · On Mediterranean Waves · In Scenes · And Other · Mysteries Unfolding

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