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Joe Locke and Storytelling: STATE OF SOUL Joe Locke and Storytelling:
State of Soul

(Sirocco 1019)

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Paul Bollenback, guitar, electric guitar · Tim Garland, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone · Henry Key, piano, Hammond organ, overdubs · Billy Kilson, drums · Mark Ledford, voice · Joe Locke, vibraphone, marimba, piano, keyboards · Mike Pope, bass

It's Too Late · Come Down Time · Land of the Living · Dimming of the Day · Hello to the Wind · Somtimes It Rains · New Pompeii · For All We Know · Stranger to Himself

Joe's latest offering from Storytelling, his "electric" band. The mix of jazz, blues, pop, funk, and Joe's inimitable passion and drive make the CD something even a "pop non-lover" might dig. Check out Carole King's "It's Too Late." Hip.

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