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John Hollenbeck/Jazz Bigband Graz: JOYS AND DESIRES John Hollenbeck/Jazz Bigband Graz:
Joys and Desires

(Intuition 3862)

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Theo Bleckmann, voice, electronic effects · Christian Bachner, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute · Robert Friedl, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinet · Klaus Gesing, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet · Martin Harms, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet · Heinrich Von Kalnein, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute · Jörg Engels, trumpet, flügelhorn · Axel Mayer, trumpet, flügelhorn · Karl Rossman, trumpet, flügelhorn · Michael Schaffer, trumpet, flügelhorn · Robert Bachner, trombone · Wolfgang Messner, trombone · Hans Radinger, trombone · Reinhard Summerer, trombone · Oliver Kent, piano · Uli Rennert, keyboards · Henning Sieverts, bass, cello · John Hollenbeck, drums, composition

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Amazing companion document to OmniTone's Grammy-nominated, acclaimed &quot;A Blessing&quot;, this release from the Austrian big band features John Hollenbeck's astounding compositions and Theo Bleckman's out-of-this-world vocalizing.

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