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Figure 8 (Rova x 4): PIPE DREAMS Figure 8 (Rova x 4):
Pipe Dreams

(Black Saint 120167)

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Bruce Ackley, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone · Steve Adams, baritone saxophone, alto saxophone, sopranino saxophone · Dave Barrett, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, saxello · Tim Berne, baritone saxophone, alto saxophone · Vinny Golia, baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass saxophone, sopranino saxophone · Larry Ochs, tenor saxophone, sopranino saxophone · Jon Raskin, baritone saxophone, alto saxophone, sopranino saxophone · Glenn Spearman, tenor saxophone

Head Count (For Albert Ayler and Pete Townshend) · LG-(S-DB-J)TV (For Ray Charles and Steve Lacy) · Tracers (For Anthony Braxton and Morton Feldman) · Drmes (Transcription of Traditional Croatian Song) · Triceratops (For Iannis Xenakis and Roscoe Mitchell)

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