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William Parker and The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra: SUNRISE IN THE TONE WORLD William Parker and The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra:
Sunrise in the Tone World

(2 discs) (AUM Fidelity 002/3)

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Vinny Golia, reeds · Darryl Foster, soprano saxophone · Chris Jonas, soprano saxophone · Rob Brown, alto saxophone · Marco Eneidi, alto saxophone · Mabo Suzuki, alto saxophone · Will Connell, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, flute · Assif Tsahar, tenor saxophone · Ben Koen, tenor saxophone · Joe Ruddick, baritone saxophone · Dave Sewelson, baritone saxophone · Richard Keene, tenor saxophone, oboe · Lewis Barnes, trumpet · Richard Rodriguez, trumpet · Roy Campbell, trumpet, pocket trumpet, flgelhorn · Masahiko Kono, trombone · Alex Lodico, trombone · David Hofstra, tuba · Steve Swell, trombone · Cooper Moore, piano · Gregg Bendian, vibraphone · John King, dobro · Akira Ando, cello · Jason Hwang, violin · Hal Oneserud, bass · William Parker, bass · Susie Ibarra, drums · Lisa Sokolov, voice

Sunrise in the Tone World · The Bluest J · Voice Dancer Kidd · Mayan Space Station · Huey Sees Light Through a Leaf · Sunship for Dexter · And Again · The Painter and the Poet

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