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Sound Assembly: EDGE OF THE MIND Sound Assembly:
Edge of the Mind

(Beauport Jazz 3806)

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David Schumacher, composer, conductor · J C Sanford, composer, conductor · Dan Willis, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute · Eric Rasmussen, alto saxophone, clarinet · Chis Bacas, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinet · Ben Kono, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet · Dave Riekenberg, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet · Bud Burridge, trumpet, flügelhorn · John Hines, trumpet, flügelhorn · John Bailey, trumpet, flügelhorn · Mark Patterson, trombone · David Smith, trumpet, flügelhorn · Alan Ferber, trombone · Lolly Bienenfeld, trombone · Chris Olness, trombone · Andy Green, guitar · Deanna Witkowski, piano · Dave Ambrosio, bass · John Hollenbeck, drums · Kate McGarry, voice

Breaking Point · Edge of the Window · Slide Therapy · Chuck 'n' Jinx · The Radiance of Spring · Rhythm of the Mind · My Star · Ives, Eyes · BMT

A 17-piece collective of NY's finest players featuring original compositions of Schumacher and Sanford, disciples of Bob Brookmeyer. Full of organic structures, extended forms, and motivic development through a palette of colorful orchestration.

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