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Julius Hemphill Sextet: AT DOCTOR KING'S TABLE Julius Hemphill Sextet:
At Doctor King's Table

(New World 80524)

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Marty Ehrlich, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet · Sam Furnace, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone · Eugene Ghee, tenor saxophone · Alex Harding, baritone saxophone · Julius Hemphill Sextet, ensemble · Andy Laster, alto saxophone, flute · Andrew White, tenor saxophone

A Bitter Glory · Another Feeling · At Doctor King's Table/Ascension · Bumpkin · Choo Choo · Fixation · Flair · Holy Rockers · Impulse · Ink · Ji Ji Tune · Sojourner's Blues: 'Ain't I a Woman?' · The Children's Song · Void · What I Know Now

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