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Paul Dresher/Ned Rothenberg: OPPOSITES ATTRACT Paul Dresher/Ned Rothenberg:
Opposites Attract

(New World 80411)

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Samm Bennett, drums, cymbals, octoban · Paul Dresher, guitar, sampling, guitar loop system · Mark Dresser, bass · Anthony Jackson, electric bass guitar · Bobby Previte, drums · Gene Reffkin, high hat, electronic percussion · Ned Rothenberg, shakuhachi, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, sequencing

Orient and Tropic · The Long Seven · Yuuniik · The Untold Story (Suite in 5 movements) · Sidi Infi/Bolero in Straight Jabs · The Edge of Sleep · Shriek · Paddling Floes · This Endup · Opposite Attack · Skronk · Straight Jabs Redux/Finale

Electronic excursion through tambre and rhythm -- though heavily weighted toward the electric side -- world rhythms, cutting edge jazz, and rock. Almost all the tape loop samples, interestingly enough, were recorded by Rothenberg on his acoustic horns.

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