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Dan Willis: VELVET GENTLEMEN Dan Willis:
Velvet Gentlemen

(OmniTone 15216)

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Dan Willis, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, oboe, English horn, duduk, sinai, suona, zura, piccolo, bass clarinet, samba whistle · Chuck MacKinnon, trumpet, flügelhorn, EFX Pete McCann, electric guitar · Kermit Driscoll, electric bass · Stephan Crump, bass, electric bass · Ron Oswanski, Fender Rhodes piano, accordion · John Hollenbeck, drums, percussion

Many Worlds Theory · Nothing Is Real · Place of Enlightenment · Door to Yesterday · Velvet Gentlemen · Closed Loops in Time · I'm Not the Reverend · Uncertainty Relation · 3:10 Local · Gentle Soul · Grandparent Paradox

Cross-inspired by the music of Erik Satie and the precision-randomness paradox of quantum physics and infused with creative improvised music, jazz, and psychedelic '70s and '80s rock, Velvet Gentlemen is an "earful" experience.

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