What the reviewers say about Lynn Seaton: Solo Flights (OmniTone 15002)

All About Jazz · Bass Player · Downbeat · IAJRC Journal · JazzTimes
  • "Solo Flights resonates with remarkable virtuosity: double stops and singing arco passages alternate with walking bass lines. Seaton embellishes melodies with harmonics, trills, and lilting swing, making an effort to achieve texture even during his most relaxed moments."
    -Nils Jacobson, AllAboutJazz.com
  • "The technique of a classical musician, a jazzman's flair for improvisation, a madman's fearlessness and diabolical sense of humor."
    -Jim Ferguson, JazzTimes (February 2001)
  • "...sweet surprise of the year ... astonishingly versatile ... gorgeous recording ... If you've ever thought that a solo bass recital was just an excuse to take a nap, Solo Flights is the album that will change your mind.  Thanks to OmniTone for getting this thoroughly absorbing session released."  
    -IAJRC (International Association of Jazz Record Collectors) Journal (Summer 2001)
  • "Playful and introspective..."
    -John Ephland, Down Beat (February 2001)
  • "...boast[s] a spirit of bold experimentation while still embracing the Old School."
    -Bill Milkowski, Bass Player (May 2001)

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