Cover image: SLEEP WON'T COMEJohn McNeil: Sleep Won't Come
(OmniTone 15208)

Trumpeter, composer, and part-time insomniac John McNeil's musical portrayals of lying-awake-at-4AM-staring-at-nothing scenes, ranging from piano tone-cluster mashing tunes to ECM-like grooves to Miles-ish muse, along with an Irish traditional song, and even a demented polka.

Joined by pianist Jeff Jenkins, a New York 1980s new music scene ex-pat now living in Denver, and Mile High-area bassist Kent McLagan, this album is probably John's most adventurous ever and yet retains the musicality, virtuosity, and humor John is known for worldwide.

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John McNeil, trumpet
Jeff Jenkins, piano, prepared piano
Kent McLagan, bass


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1.  Sleep Won't Come (2:26) MP3 WMA
2.  The Other World (7:42) MP3 WMA
3.  The Water Is Wide (Traditional) (3:37) MP3 WMA
4.  Wired Together (Jeff Jenkins) (1:35) MP3 WMA
5.  Each Moment Remains (7:18) MP3 WMA
6.  Escape from Beigeland (Jenkins) (6:43) MP3 WMA
7.  Penumbra (McNeil, Jenkins) (4:24) MP3 WMA
8.  Polka Party (3:20) MP3 WMA
9.  Somnambulation (4:42) MP3 WMA
10.  Nanotech (5:59) MP3 WMA
11.  World without Velcro (McNeil, Jenkins) (2:05) MP3 WMA

Recorded on 4-6 May 2003 and 2-3 April 2004 at Mile High Music in Denver, Colorado.

Recording engineer: Scott Griess
Mastering engineer: Katherine Miller

Album designer: Alicia Krueger
Cover art: Sleep Won't Come, Robin Palanker, pastel and dry pigment on paper, 15" x 17", 2003

Producer: John McNeil
Executive producer: Frank Tafuri

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