Tom Varner: Second Communion (OmniTone 12102)

Tom Varner: SECOND COMMUNIONIn his much-anticipated follow-up on OmniTone to the acclaimed Swimming, French hornist/composer Tom Varner once again charts new territory in this intimate and musically direct tribute to iconic trumpeter and composer Don Cherry.

Second Communion vivaciously explores Cherry's concept of musical beauty through dauntless and whimsical Varner originals and Cherry masterworks, including the groundbreaking Cherry masterpiece suite, Complete Communion.

The dynamic quartet —that includes Tony Malaby on tenor, Cameron Brown (who actually performed Complete Communion in Cherry's band as a 19-year-old in Copenhagen) on bass, and drummer Matt Wilson (whose melodically colorful drumwork is often compared to Ed Blackwell, Cherry's longtime drummer) —is augmented on several tracks by special guests, guitarist Pete McCannand trumpeter Dave Ballou (here on cornet).

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Tom Varner, French horn · Tony Malaby, tenor saxophone ·
Cameron Brown, bass · Matt Wilson, drums, percussion
Special guests: Pete McCann, guitar · Dave Ballou, cornet

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  1. "Watts '56" (8:32)      [Listen: RA (low) | RA (hi)]
    Complete Communion [suite] (Don Cherry)
  2. "Complete Communion" (6:01)      [Listen: RA (low) | RA (hi)]
  3. "And Now" (2:13)      [Listen: RA (low) | RA (hi)]
  4. "Golden Heart" (6:31)      [Listen: RA (low) | RA (hi)]
  5. "Remembrance (My Folks)" (6:23)      [Listen: RA (low) | RA (hi)]
  6. "Paris Ambulance Song"/"Complete Communion" [reprise] (3:42)     
    [Listen: RA (low) | RA (hi)]

  7. "Cherryco" (Cherry) (3:38)      [Listen: RA (low) | RA (hi)]
  8. "Don's Big View" (16:46)      [Listen: RA (low) | RA (hi)]
  9. "Leaving Malaga" (7:19)      [Listen: RA (low) | RA (hi)]
  10. "Elephantasy" (Cherry) (4:20)      [Listen: RA (low) | RA (hi)]
  11. "Don's Hymn" (1:56)      [Listen: RA (low) | RA (hi)]

All compositions by Tom Varner, Tom Varner Music/BMI, except as noted.

Recorded 28-29 September 2000 at Tedesco Studios in Paramus, New Jersey

Engineer: Jon Rosenberg
Mastering Engineer: Katherine Miller at The Studio, New York
Producers: Tom Varner, Frank Tafuri
Executive Producer: Frank Tafuri

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