What reviewers say about Frank Kimbrough/Joe Locke: Saturn's Child

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Frank Kimbrough/Joe Locke: SATURN'S CHILD
  • "This is a wonderful recording that should make Corea & Burton a little envious."  —Michael G Nastos, All Music Guide
  • Listen to interview with Noah Adams on NPR's All Things Considered (7 April 2000)
  • Best of '99  JazzOnline
  • "...refreshingly unique and intimate...original compositions combined with skillful and sensitive interplay serve as the guiding force behind this thought-provoking and extremely enjoyable journey."—JazzOnline (March 2000)
  • "This one's a nice surprise.  ... quiet and beautiful, yet extremely engaging ... it's filled with skillful playing, creative interplay, and a strong set of varied, original compositions."  —Gene Hyde, Creative Loafing (Charlotte NC, December 1999)
  • "...an analgesic to the addled mind." —Derek Taylor, Cadence (August 2000)
  • "...luminous duets between pianist Frank Kimbrough and vibes player Joe Locke offer plenty of substance and creativity ... a good showcase for two inventive, melody-oriented players..." —Down Beat (Dec 1999)
  • "...absolutely stunning duet performances ... a striking foray into supremely intuitive interplay and lush melodicism via charming and bittersweet phraseology coupled with the duo's sensitivity, compassion and mutual 'musical' respect for one another ... throughout, Kimbrough and Locke engage their thoughts and demonstrate uncanny synergy as they delicately articulate sleek, smooth passages which are at times, somber, pensive and in many instances, spiritually uplifting.... Saturn's Child is music of a higher order, a colossal effort!" —AllAboutJazz.com (Nov 1999)
  • "The more one listens to Saturn's Child, it becomes clear that the duo is insistent on the sublime, playing with such rich harmonic sensibilities that the music can turn the listener's face flush." —Andrew Bartlett, Amazon.Com
  • "Frank Kimbrough and Joe Locke link arms on Saturn's Child, a stunning duet of piano and vibraphone." —Amazon Delivers (29 Oct 1999)
  • "This CD is also a gloriously reflective, deep musical journey and I envy any man, woman or child about to embark on it.   Saturn's Child is your walk through a musical vibe, your very own prized possession and a great gift of music that draws from many aspirations.  These aspirations, these possibilities all come together beautifully with Joe Locke on vibraphone and Frank Kimbrough on piano.  There isn't a note played on this CD that doesn't spring from the reflective mindset that we cherish most ... the inner spirit that brings us peace and beauty, inspiration and truth.  Saturn's Child is thoughtful, compelling and yet entertaining, bringing us ever so close to the importance of our intuitive and creative spirits."—Paula Edelstein, JazzReview.com
  • "The sound is sumptuous and the playing very musical, though it seems somehow all of a mood rather than nine different pieces." —Bill Bennett, JazzTimes (February 2000) 
  • Musical selection for homily on 16 April 2000 at the Church of the Cosmic Wink

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