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Lee Konitz-Ohad Talmor Big Band: Portology (featuring the Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos) (OmniTone 15217)

World premiere of Lee Konitz fronting a big band!  The third in a series of ear-opening collaborations between living jazz master, saxophonist Lee Konitz, and international jazz powerhouse composer/arranger/saxophonist Ohad Talmor, Portology is a celebration of 50+ years of musical magic by Konitz. 

Spotlighting his underrecognized skills as a composer, Portology featuring original compositions by Konitz in original arrangements realized by Ohad Talmor and featuring Portugal’s dynamic Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos

This international collaboration is sponsored by the Portugal's Port Wine Institute because, like port wine, Konitz's music gets better and more flavorful with time.

[Watch some fun video excerpts from Lee and Ohad's interview.]

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Lee Konitz, alto saxophone
Ohad Talmor, conductor, arranger, musical director

Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos
José Luis Rego, João Guimarães, João Pedro Brandão, Mário Santos, Zé Pedro Coelho, Rui Teixeira, reeds
Erick Poirier, Rogério Ribeiro, Susana Silva, José Silva, trumpet, flügelhorn
Michaël Joussein, Álvaro Pinto, Daniel Dias, Gonçalo Dias, trombones
André Fernandes, guitar
Carlos Azevedo or Pedro Guedes, piano
Demian Cabaud, bass
Mário Barreiros
, drums

For sound samples, click on MP3 (for an MP3 sample) or WMA (for Windows Media):

1.  Sound Lee (Lee Konitz) (7:24) MP3 WMA
2.  June '05 (10:46) MP3 WMA
3.  A New Ballad (9:17) MP3 WMA
4.    Ornetty (4:41) MP3 WMA
5.    September 11th (3:34) MP3 WMA
6.    Ornetty (part 2) (0:53) MP3 WMA
  Rhythm Sweet    
7.    'Dante (3:32) MP3 WMA
8.    To Be or Not To (2:54) MP3 WMA
9.    Fragmente (3:33) MP3 WMA
10.    Tempo di Lee (1:46) MP3 WMA
11.    Moderato (1:41) MP3 WMA
12.  Relative Major (11:18) MP3 WMA

Compositions by Lee Konitz and Ohad Talmor, except as noted.
Original arrangements realized by Ohad Talmor

Recorded on 13-16 March 2006

Recorded at MB Estúdios de Gravação
Recording Engineer: Nelson Carvalho
Assistant Engineer: Luis Miguel Nogueira

Mixed at Sear Sound Studios
Mixing Engineer: James Farber
Assistant Engineer: Chris Allen

Mastered at Sterling Sound
Mastering Engineer: Steve Fallone

Album Designer: Frau Kranift
Photos by Mário Santos, Carlos Azevedo, Frank Tafuri, and others

Producers: Pedro Guedes, Ohad Talmor
Executive Producers: OJM, Frank Tafuri

This recording was made possible by generous support (muito obrigado!) by:

Port Wine InstituteDouro Region's 250th Anniversary
[Click here to visit the Port Wine Institute's web pages to learn more about the magic and mysteries of port wine!]

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