Mick Rossi: ONE BLOCK FROM PLANET EARTHWhat the press and others have to say about
Mick Rossi's One Block from Planet Earth

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  • 4 stars out of 5"...rife with imagery ... Rossi can go from orchestra pit animation ... to brooding romanticism, his style capable of both light, almost transparent, musings to hearty, chromatic exposition ála là Keith Jarrett."
    —John Ephland, Down Beat
  • "...a rollicking cat worth listening to....  humor is in the mix, and Rossi shows a unique, freewheeling style that can hook listeners."
    —Karl Stark, Knight Ridder News Service
  • "Mick Rossi's music is increasingly assuming a lively theatrical dimension, almost 'Brechtiana.'  The group of musicians involved in these recordings are of the highest quality and follow the leader in the full crossing of intelligent digressions that make us slip and fall at times sweetly, at times swiftly, towards a parallel world that is, as is already stated by the title, isolated by distance from our old and rugged terrain.  The leader is one of the most courageous and gifted charismatic characters of those that are affirming themselves in New York..."
    —Maurizio Comandini, AllAboutJazz.com Italy
  • ".a full-bodied avant story telling character and personality that successfully encompasses various vistas at once.. it resembles a well designed and written graphic novel.. Even better, there isn't any of the brooding moods or insincerity laden jaded-isms so common among so-called creative musicians."
    —Javier Antonio Qui˜ones Ortiz, All About Jazz-New York
  • "...enchanting chamber jazz ... eccentric musical structures."
    —Jay Harvey, Indianapolis Star

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