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Lee Konitz: New Nonet (Directed by Ohad Talmor) (OmniTone 15214)
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New Nonet presents the latest incarnation of Konitz's fabled (and not-oft-recorded) Nonet, under the direction of composer/reedman Ohad Talmor, and recorded live at New York's Jazz Standard during the New Nonet's acclaimed five-night stand in August 2005. 

New Nonet follows the lead of Konitz's acclaimed nine-piece configurations of the '70s and '80s by enlisting top-flight players from New York's creative improvised music scene.  However, unlike previous recordings, the CD features new, never-before-recorded compositions by Konitz that highlight his under-recognized status as a composer as well as original music and arrangements by Talmor, who is establishing himself internationally as a strong, emerging new voice in composing and arranging.

Appropriately enough, New Nonet kicks off with the 25-minute ChromaticLee Suite, culled from eight different blues lines penned by Konitz.  The varied and multi-dimensional suite, masterfully woven together by Talmor, is representative of much of the album.  It is full of "classic" Konitz -- linear, unforced, full of fresh melodies and colors, and often anchored in the relaxed, free-swinging groove that has made Konitz a living legend.

Lee Konitz, alto saxophone
Ohad Talmor, tenor saxophone, musical director
Russ Johnson, trumpet
Jacob Garchik, trombone
Oscar Noriega or Denis Lee, bass clarinet
Dimos Goudaroulis, cello
Ben Monder, guitar
Bob Bowen, bass
Matt Wilson, drums

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  ChromaticLee Suite (Konitz, Talmor)
1.  Outward (4:21) MP3 WMA
2.  Big Easy (4:20) MP3 WMA
3.  West Coast (3:29) MP3 WMA
4.  Funky (3:06) MP3 WMA
5.  Omninous (6:29) MP3 WMA
6.  Colorful (3:49) MP3 WMA
7.  Springin' (6:03) MP3 WMA
8.  Ohad (12:06) MP3 WMA
9.  Warmer in Heaven (Talmor) (8:07) MP3 WMA
10.  Wallz (Konitz, Talmor) (11:21) MP3 WMA
11.  Rubato (7:19) MP3 WMA
All compositions by Lee Konitz, Konitz Music (BMI), except as noted.

Recorded live on 10-14 August 2005 at The Jazz Standard, New York.

Album credits
Recording Engineer: Jon Rosenberg
Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Katherine Miller

Album Designer: Frau Kranift
Liner notes and photos by Frank Tafuri
Production assistance by Alicia Krueger

Producers: Ohad Talmor, Frank Tafuri
Executive Producer: Frank Tafuri

Lee Konitz plays Vandoren reeds and mouthpieces.

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