What the reviewers say about Baikida Carroll: Marionettes on a High Wire (OmniTone 12101)

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  • Baikida Carroll: Marionettes on a High WireCarroll's fat tone and popping attack...suggest the formidable Lee Morgan.  When Baikida bears down on the microphone a sec, the whole room can shake....  The airy recording by engineer Jon Rosenberg, an unsung hero of the New York scene, is typically impeccable."
    —Kevin Whitehead,
    Schwann Inside Jazz & Classical

  • "There's a beautiful kind of daring in the music -- a rough tenderness in Carroll's trumpet tone, a palpable spiritual commitment from all the players involved. Carroll and his group unleash a highly adventurous sound...a freshness and multi-dimensionality that is truly rare."
    —David Adler, All Music Guide

  • "...superb new album ... Carroll sketches out beautifully lyric themes with sensitive arrangements..."
    —Peter Margasak, JazzTimes

  • "[Marionettes on a High Wire] has the verve, the vision and the vitality of the best of mid-sixties and contemporary jazz."
    —Jules Epstein, Philadelphia Tribune

  • "The sense of grace that comes with real balance and a sense of direction are what undergird this disc's authority and elevate its creative leaps."
    —Larry Blumenfeld, Jazziz

  • Jazz Journalists Association Top 10 of 2001 —Williard Jenkins (JJA)

  • "Colorful, loose and imaginative are meek understatements when describing the sumptuous music on Marionettes on a High Wire."
    —John Murph, Down Beat

  • "It's the product of a hugely confidant, outgoing musician in command of his tools.  As a player, Carroll's fat, warm sound is a sensual delight, as is his inherent lyricism."  [See review]
    —Shane Nichols, Australian Financial Review (AU)

  • "Carrol's writing  displays an adventurous melodicism and edgy sense of timing that lets the musicians  stretch  out with soaring freedom  while still maintaining a flowing  pulse that swings like mad."
    —Michael Rosenstein, Signal to Noise

  • "Tops of 2001" (#2) "The opening cut of this excellent quintet disc is so hip you almost don't need the rest of the album.  But you really do, to get a complete picture of how veteran trumpeter Carroll and his uniquely gifted quintet can work their way over the depths of free playing without surrendering to its excesses." —Steve Feeney, Face Magazine

  • "...one of the trumpet's most brilliant improvising players ... one of jazz's most rewarding composers ... leads a superb quintet whose music is exciting, subtle, melodious & adventurous."
    —Lucky Oceans, "The Planet," Australian Broadcasting Corporation

  • "Marionettes on a High Wire is in that rare class for me where words like superb, and exquisite get used....tough, swinging, angry, loving, thoughtful and expressive cutting-edge jazz.  Don't miss this one."
    —SD Feeney, Face Magazine

  • "This 'freebop' session is fresh sounding without being forced....Carroll's album provides a valuable lesson to those who think that jazz's future is in its past, be it neo-traditionalists or those reliving the early 70's loft scene. The rich history of the music is to be neither imitated nor ignored, but absorbed to help create a personal statement. Carroll and his band mates walk the tightrope between tradition and experimentation with perfect balance."
    —Dan Polletta, Public Arts Interactive

  • Best New Jazz Releases—Jez Nelson, BBC

  • "Quite the perfect release - Omnitone once again delivers manna from the heavens."
    Downtown Music Gallery (NY)

  • "Elegantly rendered shifts in meter and memorable melodies, awash with blistering yet finely articulated soloing by the leader...Carroll's latest release equates to one beautifully fabricated production, that imparts a lasting impression. Now, we can only hope that Baikida Carroll sustains fewer gaps between recordings! Recommended!!"
    —Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz

  • "Finely crafted and brimming over with verve and unselfconscious originality, this new release is a delight from start to finish, and a welcome spotlighting of a too-often overlooked talent."
    —Steve Holtje, CD Now

  • "If the neo-cons hadn't started to force it backwards 20 years ago, this CD demonstrates where thoughtful mainstream jazz was headed at that time, and what most contemporary mainstream jazz should sound like right now."
    —Ken Waxman, JazzWeekly.com

  • 2001 Critics' BestHernani Faustino, JazzPortugal.net

  • Recommended Jazz —Chuck Obuchowski, New England Jazz Radio Cooperative (WWUH-FM)

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