Cover of Marty Ehrlich Traveler's Tales: MALINKE'S DANCE

Marty Ehrlich's Traveler's Tales: Malinke's Dance (OmniTone 12003)

Nominee, AFIM 2000 Indie Award
"Best Jazz Album"

Top 10 Album of 2000
—Gary Giddins, Village Voice

The first release in seven years for Marty Ehrlich's highly acclaimed ensemble. Recorded live in the Knitting Factory's Old Office, Travelers Tales slip and slide and motor, hooking up horns, drums, and bass in ear-tingling layers of sound.  Whim and whimsy fill Ehrlich's evocative compositions, which revels in our earthy roots and celebrates our transcendent flair.

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  1. "Rhymes" (8:40)
  2. "The Cry Of" (9:48)
  3. "Malinke's Dance" (8:16)
  4. "Line on Love" (7:38)
  5. "Pigskin" (6:47)
    (Julius Hemphill, Subito Music [BMI])
  6. "Tears of Rage" (8:09)
    (Richard Manuel/Bob Dylan, Dwarf Music [ASCAP])
  7. "North Star" (4:17)
  8. "Bright Remembered" (9:16)
  9. "Willy Whippoorwill Steals a Bow" (5:52)

All compositions by Marty Ehrlich, published by Dark Woods Music (BMI), except as noted.

Marty Ehrlich, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
Tony Malaby, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Jerome Harris, acoustic bass guitar
Bobby Previte, drums

Recorded 9-12 December 1999 at the Knitting Factory (Old Office), NY
Recording engineer: Jon Rosenberg

Produced by Marty Ehrlich and Frank Tafuri
Executive Producer: Frank Tafuri

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